Centric Physical Therapy



Vestibular Rehabilitation

Designed for the patient who has experienced a vestibular injury leading to decreased function and causing difficulty focusing during head movement, problems walking, riding, etc. This program is effective in improving balance and equilibrium by creating new pathways in your brain. Most treatment sessions last 45-60 minutes, depending on tolerance, 2-3 times weekly with an average of 8-12 sessions. As the patient progresses, home exercises are added for further results.

Canalith Repositioning

Treatment of an inner ear condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This condition occurs when crystals, called otoconia, become dislodged and float within the canals of the vestibular system. The movement of the crystals causes a sensation of vertigo (spinning feeling). Treatment includes gently repositioning the crystals which typically involves 2 sessions of approximately 30 minutes in length.


The chronic dizziness program is for patients with motion sensitivity or patients that experience frequent episodes of unexplained dizziness. This can occur with frequent changes in head position. It includes activities that habituate and adapt the nervous system to reduce the feeling of dizziness. Treatment will include a home exercise program which is important for maintenance.